Dear Caregiver, 

For the next minute, give yourself some mental space.

Relax into your own body and enjoy a moment for yourself. 

You are a caregiver. 

Which means that you care.

And, you give.

For a moment, remember the value that you bring to those around you by choosing those two acts: caring and giving. 

You make life easier and more enjoyable and possible for others.

You have committed to a cause greater than yourself. 

You lead a life with purpose and power.

So, live in the moment.

Begin each day with gratitude.

Thank yourself for creating a purposeful life serving others.

Thank your care recipient for the opportunity to help, and for showing you a different window into the human condition. 

Thank yourself for taking care of yourself too.

Remember you are worthy of love and caring.

Remember you are worthy of receiving help.

Remember to fill your own cup.

Then, come with me on a short journey about how I came to write this book. Our stories are all different but there are a few common threads...

My Book
Coming soon 2022!

Inspired by my cousin Erin, I am writing an art guide for caregivers of adults with intellectual disabilities.

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